Case Studies

At Bentley Power Equipment we focus on total attention to our customers’ needs striving to supply and serve them in a timely and professional manner. We only deal with reputable quality assured suppliers.

Our product lines currently include generators, and both diesel and solar powered lighting towers for mine sites, road works, recreational and agricultural uses along with follow up spare parts and repair services. We are continually trialing new products and we ship Australia-wide as well as internationally to a well-established customer base. Much of our ‘new’ work is through word of mouth from satisfied customers which in itself attributes to our standing in the marketplace.

Our primary goal at Bentley Power Equipment is to provide good quality equipment to our customer base and we are therefore always looking for new ways that would better serve our existing and new customers. As part of this ongoing service we have purposely designed products to suit the requirements of our clients with careful consideration given to each of our client’s requirements through consultation and discussion.


  • Brookfield Multiplex for Fiona Stanley Hospital – 250KVA – Supply, install, commission and service
  • Nevmat Australia for Roxby Downs Shire – 400KVA – Supply, install, commission and service
  • Nevmat Australia  – 400KVA – Shoalhaven Council – Supply, install, commission and service
  • Remote Area Concrete – 250KVA – Supply, install, commission and service
  • WA Tree Works – 550KVA – Supply, install, commission and service
  • Rio Tinto via Radlink – 3 x 25KVA Single Phase – Solar back up – Supply
  • Enerflex Services – 125KVA LNG            Genset – Supply, spares and backup
  • ECA Systems – 100KVA LNG Genset – Supply
  • Best Consulting for Wheatstone LNG Project – 2 X 60KVA – Supply
  • Southern Cross Electrical Engineering – 250KVA for Karara Iron ore Project – Supply
  • Ocean To Outback Contracting (OTOC) – SD-C150, 3 X SD-C313 Cummins Generators- Supply, service
  • Silver Lake Resources – SD-C250 Cummins Generator – Supply
  • Elsaa Cafe, Timor – SD-P135, SD-C40 Perkins & Cummins Generators – Supply
  • Brookfield Multiplex – HVL4000P Perkins Lighting Towers, SD-C250 Cummins Generator – Supply
  • VDM Construction for Wheatstone LNG Project – SD-C125, SD-C150 Cummins Generators – Supply
  • Decmil for BHP Cyclone Refuge – SD-C200 Cummins Generators – Supply
  • Outback constructions for Rio Tinto – 2 X 40KVA – Supply
  • John Jefferies for Qube – 2 X 375KVA     – Supply
  • Ash Harvey for WA Government – 313 KVA – Supply
  • Western Technical – 1 X 625KVA, 1 X 75KVA –   Supply, install and commission
  • Bindoon IGA – 180KVA  – Supply
  • All Cast Foundry – 625KVA – Supply
  • Wind Power Australia – 350 KVA – Supply
  • Rio Tinto- Baby Hope Project – 2 X 200kva Cummins gensets – Supply & install and commission
  • Cocos Island – 400KVA Genset – Supply and install and commission

Lighting Towers

  • Esso Australia PNG LNG – HVL4000P Perkins Lighting Towers (6 units)
  • Doric Group – HVL4000P Perkins Lighting Towers
  • Shire of Cocos Islands – HVL4000P Perkins Lighting Towers (8 units)
  • RASGAS Company Ltd, Qatar – HML600S Solar Lighting Towers (30 units)
  • Nabors Drilling International – HVL4000P Perkins Lighting Towers to PNG (10 units)
  • Shire of Dowerin Children’s Playground – Supply of Solar Street Light

Recent Projects

Project Management for New Standby Generators

3 x 1000 kVA prime rated generator sets the customer this is one of the largest health...

Generator Installation & Control Panel

3 x 313 KVA Cummins Gensets being tested for load sharing and parallel operation in our workshop.

Baby Hope Project

Supply, Install, Commission and Training for 2 x 200 KVA enclosed Generators that are connected in parallel by a purpose built main switchboard.

Cocos Islands Project

400KVA Genset – Supplied, Installed & Commissioned