Lake Grace & Newdegate Solar Street Light Installation

BPE has recently expanded its capability to incorporate the field of ‘all in one’ solar street lighting aimed at rural, shire councils, main roads and mining applications.

Why the ‘All In One Solar Street Light’?

The ‘all in one light’ was chosen firstly for the economy of supply using locally approved poles, foundations and imported lights. Secondly for the ease of installation in the remote area as the dedicated crew was able to install at minimum cost. The quality of manufacture ensures minimal maintenance and long lifetime of the lights.

Why is the ‘All In One Solar Street Light’ great for other jobs for safety?

The fact that they can be easily installed means that they can be placed in hazardous locations where without adequate lighting severe safety and security situations can occur. The solar lights can also be supplied with CCTV surveillance capabilities if required.

Why is BPE great at handling this type of project?

We are well suited to this type of project as our qualified engineering design and installation crew are trained and capable of handling large or complex projects.

Services include project feasibility covering running cost savings using solar instead of mains power, cost estimates for the supply and installation of poles and lighting fixtures using local contractors wherever possible.

Project management including a selection of contractors and progress monitoring of the work and final acceptance by the Shire.

Procurement, supplying the best price and quality for the recommended lighting fixtures and poles.

Provision of local maintenance and support including a warranty with spare parts availability.  Providing local jobs, experience and expertise for Perth and the local community

As an example, regarding the Lake Grace project, we discussed with them how we could include local contractors and the use of WA government certified equipment for the erection process.

Orginal Request

Lake Grace

Original Request for the scope of works covered adequate lighting for 400m of the pathway in the town of Lake Grace where no previous lighting was available.  17 lights and poles were supplied to cover the pathway.


The original request for the scope of works in Newdegate was for 800m of the pathway were no previous lighting was available from the showground to the townsite.  33 lights and poles were supplied to cover the pathway.

We were given the length of the pathway and luminous flux required and the wattage of the lights.  We then specified the pole height and distance required between poles.

Both projects installations were carried out over a period of three weeks.